Friday, September 26, 2014

Mast Alignment and House LED's

Today, after work, I met Jack Webb from s/v Drifter at the boat and he helped me to align the mast as much as we could while the boat is on the hard. The balance of the mast alignment and tuning will be completed when the boat is in the water. Jack is a very experienced West-sailor and has helped me on more than one occasion. Check out his boat and the great job he did in refitting s/v Drifter. He actually had a cold but still came over to help me out. Thanks Jack, feel better!

Then I moved on to a fun job. I just didn't feel like getting into anything too complicated. So... to the main cabin LED lights. I simply used Multi-Colored Waterproof LED lights from Amazon, ($13.62 BTW), and PVC Outside Corner Molding from Home Depot.

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Definitely needing the electronic/disco music. Get one of those mirror balls too. lol

    Nice that the different colors come in one package so you don't have to install a bunch of separate units. I've been considering some LED strips for certain places, like white in the engine room to add much more light for working. Red would be useful at night so you don't lose your night vision.

    Good add on.

    1. I have yet to use them at night but I think they will work nice. I will still install reading lights in strategic positions but this whole job was less than $50 including the corner molding.

      I think I will get a little Disco mirror ball... lol

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    1. Thanks Bro! I think so too. Thanks for following.

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    1. Thanks Mark and Cindy, I think so. I couldn't resist for the price. Thanks for following.