Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nav Station is Complete...

The Nav Station is complete. There's still sanding and re-varnishing, but for the most part, it is complete. I even placed a piece of trim at the top of the lid that has a groove for pens/pencils.

Also, I cleaned the bronze pintals that hold the rudder on the boat.  All in all, they are in good shape and as soon as I can find matching topside paint on the boat...(it's sort of a cream color and I want to match the color of the rudder to the boat), the rudder will go back on.

Also, here's another good shot of the boat...notice my helper as I zoom in...

My Gray-faced hard working buddy! LOL
Next, we're on to the engine room. It has to be cleaned, organized, and painted and made ready for the engine to be re-installed.

Fair seas and God bless!

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