Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Aft Lazarette

I have a's called a "Lazarette". It was packed with everything from small anchors to a billy club. Once I cleaned it out, I immediately saw something I had to change...the exhaust hose path. It was laying on the bottom of the lazarette and everything was on top of it. It needed to be rerouted. I relocated it up high an now nothing will lay on it. 

Of course, a new "old" boat will necessitate nemesis! I actually did not get it everywhere this time...just in my hair!

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. That hose was taking up valuable space. I recently got a can of bilgekote to brighten my storage spaces. It looks really nice and clean.

    1. Thanks Dan. It does look better. I still have to get some some large ties to secure the exhaust hose but now it is up above the actual storage area. I thought about using the lazarette for a propane tank since it is completely sealed but question if I should with exhaust so close?

    2. For propane, you may need to install a blower fan and hose, requiring another hole. At least for safety sake. Fore deck comes to mind but that means a longer run of hose.

    3. Probably I'll go with a rail mount's easier than the lazarette and safer in more ways than one. I appreciate your help Dan.

    4. That is a good option too. I've read others doing that and happy with the results.