Thursday, July 3, 2014


The headliner is on its way.

I am using Wainscot Vinyl Reversible Panel Molding with reflective double bubble insulation. Why? Water-proof, low cost, insect/rodent resistant, lightweight, and attractive. 

The Wainscot panels are reversible; a two board look on one side and a three board look on the reverse side. I used the two board look for the house paneling and I'm using the three board look for the headliner. All the trim and ribs will be stained to match the interior stain and will hide gaps, seams and transition areas. I have an alignment issue in the starboard quadrant that the perfectionist in me calls for and demands correction - tomorrow! (I tried to ignore it and tell myself that after the decorative ribs are installed and break the continuous pattern, I'll be the only one who will notice it... I lost that argument with myself - I'll fix it tomorrow).

The main part of the job should be finished in a day or so... the trim?... that takes more time and precision. I hope to finish it all by Monday evening.

Pics below...

Fair seas and God bless!

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