Monday, November 3, 2014

"Blood, Sweat, and Tears"

If you come from my era, you'll remember a band called, "Blood, Sweat. and Tears".  I have now contributed all of those three things to this Westsail 32 refit. No, I haven't actually cried yet, but today when the come-along caught a piece of my finger in a gear, as it slipped a gear, and as it took out a small plug of meat, tears did fill my eyes for a couple of seconds. (Spoiler Alert: If you're squeamish, there's a little blood in a couple of pictures down below). The injury was very minor but it was very painful for a moment.

The GREAT news is the now functioning, well-running engine is back in the boat. I still have to align the shaft, hook it all up, fabricate a bracket for the throttle mechanism, install the aforementioned throttle mechanism, polish the fuel in the two tanks, but hey... The engine is back in the boat and this time we KNOW it's working.

The bow running lights are hooked up and working. I should get the stern running light in place in the next couple of days, (waiting on a friend who says he has an extra one lying around somewhere).

Barring any unforeseen problems, she will splash the day after Thanksgiving and I will move aboard the night before.

There's still a ton of things to do, but the Splash List is getting small. Starting to get excited!

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Nice to see you're bonding well with your boat. lol

    1. Oh yeah, she's letting me know she's the boss! lol