Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Solar Powered!

Well, the DC power is all but done, and today, she became solar powered. 

I installed a Renogy Solar Panel Bundle 200 Watt: Solar Panels UL Listed monocrystalline + MC4 adaptor Cable + PWM 30 Amp Charge Controller. Paired with my Vmaxtanks AGM 125ah 12V VMAX Batteries wired parallel, I should be juiced!

Tomorrow, a friend who is an electrical contractor by trade and thoroughly knows boat AC/DC is going to come over from two boats away, and hook up my AC/Shore Power including my ProNautic 12V 30A 3 bank Charger while I watch and learn. Thanks Kevin!

I still have some reading lights to order and install, but as of tomorrow evening, the AC & DC electrical work will be checked off.

Engine goes back in on Monday...I'M GETTING CLOSE!

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Nice clean install. Looks good.

    The wires from the panels, are those plugs on the deck or the wires going through the deck to the batteries?

    1. Yes. I had to use two water-proof pass thru plugs due to the size of the Solar Panel wires.