Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lightning Dissipator

The lightning dissipator is installed and the mast is ready to be stepped, (unless I decide to install mast steps...debating...). I tested the wiring with the new LED bulbs installed and everything works great. Of course, it being a bright day the LED's did not boast their brightness as well as they do in the dark.

Still waiting on advice from WOA and WOA FB concerning the whisker stays. I posted the following on both sites:
Are the whisker stays only 3/16" SS wire? I have to replace mine and have that size SS wire available, but it is definitely smaller than what I'm replacing.
Also, if 3/16" is ok, (I'm guessing it is since WS Parts list the whisker stays as 3/16"), what size turnbuckle should be used?

Any help with this question(s) would be appreciated.
Pics below... thanks for stopping by.

Fair seas and God bless!

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