Friday, May 16, 2014

Standing Rigging... Check!

After about two to three weeks of piecing together the standing rigging like a jigsaw puzzle, the mast's standing rigging is finished... I think. (Don't worry, I'll have a Westsail friend check everything out before the mast is stepped). 

Tomorrow, I'm going to check out two Westsails in the yard and take pics of their boom setup and then try to finish the boom. I've asked for help on FB Westsail and have got very little response, so I'll have to go take some pics myself. Guess everyone is busy.

The new running rigging is in from California, (thanks Bud Talpin), and a Westsail friend is going to help me install the new running rigging. Hopefully, in the next two weeks, a crane will arrive to step the mast. That will be a big day, I'll timelapse the job.

Thanks for stopping by...

Fair seas and God bless!

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