Monday, September 15, 2014

In High Gear!

Today was a very productive day...I'm in high gear!

I completely reworked the new V-berth hatch. Despite my using a huge amount of butyl tape in the original install, it still leaked, (I knew that job went in too easy and nothing is easy on a boat).  When I first installed the hatch, I cut the teak frame flush and inserted the hatch frame which had rounded corners. The problem was the rounded corners had no wood frame for the screws to bite into. So I had to make corner pieces, epoxy them in place, file those pieces to match the rounded corners of the frame and then reset the whole thing with almost a whole roll of butyl tape. I will still used some black caulk around the base to insure the leak proofing.

I installed a new fuel line to my new fuel injector. I then borrowed a starter battery, (my house and starter batteries are secured in the boat and I did not want to undo them), set up the water supply, and fired the engine up... NO LEAKS! I then changed the oil and prepared the engine for its professional tune-up and timing that will be accomplished on Thursday. Then Friday, the engine, timed and tuned, will go back in the boat.

Then, I installed the tiller and the boom cradle...

Then, I had a visitor stop in who was looking for something to eat...

Fair seas and God bless!

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