Thursday, September 25, 2014

Whisker Stays

I emailed Bud Talpin, (Mr. Westsail), and asked him about using a heavy duty chain for Whisker Stays. The WS's that came with the boat were damaged in storage when they were off the boat and I had easy access to some heavy duty 1/4" chain that would save some money if I could use it. Bud replied quickly as always, (thanks Bud), and let me know the chain would be fine for WS's since their load limit is minimal, but he was quick to inform me not use chain for the Bobstay or Boomkin Stays. That was good news, my Bobstay and Boomkin Stays are in good shape and already installed.

So, equipped with my 24' 1/4" heavy duty chain, shackle, and two 3/8" turnbuckles, and a substantial borrowed boltcutter, the WS's went up.

Another Westsailor in the marina, Jack, came over to help with some standing rigging issues, (thanks Jack), but that is a work in progress and will come to light in a later post.

Then... you guessed it... more rain!

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. I would think the chain would last better than rigging wire. Looks like it'll work well.

    1. I think it worked well... looks "Nautical" to me. My real motive was economic... half the price of new stays.