Monday, September 8, 2014

Working BETWEEN the Rain!

I guess the rainy season in South Florida is indifferent to my timeline and deadline. So, I'm working between the rain!

Today, I invented a fuel injector puller that finally managed to extract my leaky injector. (If you want to know how, shoot me a line and I'll fill you in). Then the rain came and I was forced to stop and cover the engine. When the rain ceased thirty minutes later I uncovered the engine and proceeded with the repair.

Then the rain came again, I covered the engine and thirty minutes later, I moved on to the next project on the splash list: Item 16 - Deep Cell Batteries installed. I decided to place the house batteries in the aft lazarette and believe that is the best location for them. There, the weight distribution will be balanced from side to side and the battery weight will offset the 130 feet of anchor chain weight in the bow, not to mention easy and quick access.

I secured the two 125 AH AGM batteries with six stainless steel threaded rods and aluminum bar. They aren't going anywhere once I finish the install with a piece of 2x2 teak to prevent front/back sliding.

Then the rain came again...I called it a day.

 Fair seas and God bless!

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