Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Closed! Her New Name...

Well, I closed on my W32 today. I will call her, "Domina Mari" which is Latin for "Lady of The Sea". (At least that is what I will call her for now...still considering a couple of names, but I need a name to post under).

She is hull #4 of the last nine W32s which were built by P&M Worldwide. So, she's not the last one, (I was sort of hoping), but she is close.  If she were the last W32 made, I would have obviously named her, "The Last One". As it is however, "Lady of The Sea" works well. Since she has been a Coast Guard documented vessel in the past, it will be easy for me to have her documented with her new name.

After closing today, I started to clean her out. Dishes, food, tons of stuff that needs to be removed from the boat in order to repair and refit her. The amount of room on a W32 compared to my W28 is amazing.

I discovered one of the reasons she had fresh water damage. All the seals on the port holes were bad, (BTW this P&M version of the W32 has six port holes per side). Also, the butterfly hatch is not attached, just sitting over the opening, (I did find the hardware to remedy that).  The forward hatch was in the trailer that came with the boat and needs repair.  The cap-rails are in bad shape so I will spend the first few weeks getting her dry.

She did start looking better as I started cleaning her out. The self-steering system is a Monitor, so if anyone has info on the system, let me know.

Fair seas and God bless!

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