Friday, March 7, 2014

Initial Organization...

Today I spent the whole evening exploring the parts/tool trailer and the extra large dock box that came with the boat and organizing what I found.

I found more power tools and hand tools, tons of teak, and...THE RIGGING! I also found the sails, but only three. I loaded the sails up to bring them home to check them out and I checked all the rigging and re-bundled each piece. The rigging looks good but I was concerned that I did not find all the hardware to connect everything to the mast and roller furling.

I also unwrapped the engine and inspected it.  It looks great as it should since it has only 197.4 hours on it. The motor mounts however were rusted some and need a good wire bush cleaning. If they are too bad, I'll replace them before putting the engine back in.

I finally got up on the boat and unloaded the cushions and when I looked under the settee, THE HARDWARE for all the rigging! Everything is there for me to finish the boat, though the cushions need some major help, cleaning all over and sewing in some places.

The rudder was being reworked by the previous owner and I'll finish it as soon as I get the boat dry which is first priority.

Again, the differences in the P&M Worldwide W32 are distinct. Notice the rudder, rounded at the propeller instead of square. Six portholes per side instead of five.

Anyway, it's exciting knowing that all the parts are there and waiting for me to do the work.

 Fair seas and God bless!

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