Monday, June 2, 2014

Alternator... Check!

Today I was able to get the alternator installed and hooked up. It sounds like a easy job, and I guess it was, but as with all boat work, it took longer than I expected.

I wanted a new belt and planned on using the older belt as a back-up. After going to two places, a belt of equivalent size was located and purchased, though the quality of the new belt was questionable. Once back at the boat, I was looking for another item, and there was a high-quality belt sitting in plain view that obviously had been purchased by the previous owner. So, now I have two backup belts. Yeah!

I also worked on some jagged edges on my propeller blades, my whisker stays, and my bowsprit stay or bob-stay. Located and sealed two leaks in my companion way hatch, (I hope). It was a decent day of boatwork.

I only took pictures of the alternator install, other pics will follow.

Thanks for stopping by.

 Fair seas and God bless!

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