Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting Ready...

Well, the water exhaust is in. We're ready for Saturday morning and final hook-up and test of the engine. It appears that this is the way it was installed before but I'm not sure I'm satisfied with its location as it is so close to the shaft. If any other Westsail owners read this, I would love some input here.

I also painted the Rudder with two coats of topside paint. I used a method called, "Roll & Tip" which worked great. It looks sprayed on. I have to fine sand it, put on two more coats, then turn the rudder over and do the other side. All in all, a productive day getting ready for the big day tomorrow.

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Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Paint job on the rudder looks pretty good.

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  3. Hi David , because you asked here is how my exhaust is set up I'm starting at the manifold . Dry stack pipe turns 90* and goes up all the way to the cockpit floor , mixing elbow screws onto that . Now from the mixing elbow a rubber tube goes back to the water muffler , the water muff. sits on a ledge aft of the stuffing box . I know this is totally different from what you are doing , but you asked !