Monday, June 16, 2014


First, I want to thank Erica and Jordan for showing up to help with the engine issues I've been having. I think it's amazing that you can meet someone via their blog,, and then they will drive forty miles to help a perfect stranger for the sake of helping! That's "Good Folk" as we'd say in the South. Of course, they are Westsailors, and that obviously speaks to their good taste. BTW, their boat, NAMI - a Westsail 28, is cruise ready, in great shape, and available for purchase now. You can get more information and pictures at the following link, Thanks again Jordan and Erica.

The engine was removed in short time and placed on its ground supports, (boat blocks), and prepared for inspection and diagnosis, (fancy terminology for settin' her down, proppin' her up, and checkin' her out). 

Jordan bled all the fuel lines while I wandered around looking for something, (I can't remember for what now). Erica was busy looking up info on the web and securing items needed for the troubleshooting process. 

We decided to remove the fuel lines at each of the four fuel injectors. After the expenditure of a substantial amount of elbow grease, we were successful and discovered that the front cylinder was the only one getting fuel injected from the high pressure injection fuel pump.

We then moved to the HP Pump itself and removed each line and again, only the front line for the front cylinder was spitting fuel. At the advice of Jimmy at Shearwater Marine who could not have been more helpful, we filled the HP Pump, each injector, and all other possible fuel lines with Marvel Mystery Oil. His advice was to let this sit for two to three days, turning the engine and refilling the aforementioned locations with more Marvel Mystery Oil.

If this process does not work, I will remove piston cover plate for cleaning and more Marvel Mystery Oil.

The engine would fire right up when a squirt of starting fluid was sprayed into the air intake. This was encouraging and made it clear that the engine will start if fuel was getting to the injectors.

By Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, this process will be complete and I should be closer to a resolution. I hope the Marvel Mystery Oil does a marvel!

As always, any input, recommendations, and/or advice is more than welcomed.

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Thanks David!!! I hope that mystery oil works! : )

    1. Me too! Thanks again for your help! Keep me abreast of Nami and how the sale is going. I'll let you know how the Marvel Mystery Oil works, (fingers crossed).