Thursday, July 10, 2014

"A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her by..."

The hour was set... the crane was late... and late... then the call, flat tire. Finally, the crane arrived and at that very moment, the bottom busted out! This was not a sprinkle or a rain or even a heavy was a deluge! (I'm sure I saw animals lining up two by two at the bigger boats in the yard.)

The clock is running and I was worried, then a number of other boat-yard sailors showed up in foul weather gear, and said, "Let's do it!" (BTW, foul weather gear is now on my shopping list).

Within 45 minutes, she was standing tall again... for the first time in years! (A very special day today!)

A special thanks to my boat-yard/marina friends: David, Chris, Benjamin, Sherri, Joseph, Jack, and Dice! You guys are the best!

Now, all I need is a star to steer her by... and a little more refitting, ...LOL.

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Reminds me of going to the Annapolis Sailboat show this past Oct. The weather wasn't great and no one had just a regular rain jacket, it was all foul weather gear. Sailors will still do anything as long as they gave it with them.

    Nice seeing the mast up. Mine is coming down, unfortunately but I'll be able to take care of the things that really NEED to get done.

    She'll be floating before you know it.

    1. Yes Dan... I now realize WHY I need that foul weather gear...I was miserable and soaked to the bone...yet exhilarated that she is standing tall again.

      I do appreciate your encouragement as I struggle to do things that half the time I have never done before. Experience is no doubt the best teacher.

      Keep us up to date on your mast work. Thanks again.