Friday, July 4, 2014

Headliner (Continued)...

The work on the headliner continues... 

I thought I would accomplish more today but I didn't. 

First, I had to tackle the starboard quadrant which was not aligned correctly and the perfectionist in me demanded that be corrected. (One hour).

Second, I stopped to help a friend cast off and head to the Bahamas on his Westsail 32, Breezy Lee. (Fair seas Dice!)

Third, I had to tackle the butterfly hatch before I could continue the headliner. The butterfly hatch opened toward the stern of the boat which is fine when you're on the hard or at dock, but it's not really a good thing when underway or at anchor. It would work better if it opened toward the bow because it would act like an air scoop when at anchor, (the boat will swing on the anchor always pointing into the wind). So, because there are nuts and bolts involved, I decided it would be easier to deal with this before the headliner went up, rather than having to remove a section of the headliner later to address the issue. (About two hours with rain showers impeding the job).

I also ran out of the 1x4's and 1x3's I'm using for ribs and anchor points. So, it's off to Home Depot tomorrow afternoon. 

BUT... I did get some work done before the bottom completely fell out. Pics below...

Fair seas and God bless!

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