Monday, August 18, 2014

Bamboo is Kool!

Well the main cabin sole is all but complete. I still have to get a special stain matched filler, (Lowes). and fill the countersunk screw holes. After the midship, head, and v-berth are complete, if I have enough planks left, I may cover the sloping parts of the sole, (if I do not have enough left, it will be Awlgrip paint). For  the most part and for the main cabin, her sole is complete.

Pretty sure I have a mild dose of heatstroke, (98 degrees in the boat most of the day), so I'll close for now...

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. I really like the look of it. Nice work. And good idea to change it.

    I've been working on my boat in hot temps too. I've been drinking lots of water and taking breaks often. Still not enough, but things are still getting done.

  2. Thanks Dan,

    It actually turned out very nice.

    It was almost 99 degrees in the boat for most of the day, drank lots of water and it would sweat out as fast as I was drinking it! Feel pretty zapped but happy about the result.

    I've watched your video on the Airhead...I'm debating it.

    Thanks for following!

    1. If you think of anything about the Airhead you want to see and would like pictures of any part of it that wasn't covered in the video, let me know.

  3. Agree, way better then the vinyl. Looks very professional, in fact I think I like it better then the tradition Teak & Holly floor.
    Looks beautiful,

  4. Thanks Mike... about 1/20th of the cost. I think it is turning out very nice. Thanks for following.