Monday, October 13, 2014

"Bright Light! Bright Light!"

All systems are now wired into the DC side of the panel. Tonight I fired everything up to verify it worked and to test the system. Everything worked well. (BTW, if you noticed the picture quality is less than before, it's because my Galaxy S3 decided to jump out of my pocket and into the bilge which still has 6 inches of water in it).

The underwater lights worked great!

The Trimast light and Anchor light worked well...

The Spreader lights really lit up the entire deck, (one angles forward, one angles aft),

And, by special request, the house lights work fine.

Fair seas and God bless!


  1. Nice work on all the lights. I like the spreader lights. I think I have a light near the spreaders that lights up the bow. I say "I think" as it hasn't worked since I got it. Part of the refit to work on the mast ;-)

    1. Hey Dan,

      My lights are not official "Spreader" lights. The price is too high for me, mine are LED lights with a IP67 waterproof. 18.00 each... very bright but low power draw...