Tuesday, October 7, 2014


No, I haven't quit; I've been doing electrical work, as in, pulling new wire from bow to stern.

As most of you know, this blog is a picture heavy blog and pictures of pulling wires is not very interesting. Of course, I could have taken pictures of the lamp cords that were spliced into the old wire setup but that would have been a little boring also and would have only made me mad again. Bottom line, I am pulling all new, tin plated, marine grade wire throughout the boat.

I have to obtain a number of parts, from a battery charger to a negative ground buss. Once those parts are secured, the boat will be wired by a professional and will almost be ready for splashing.

It was nice to hotwire the VHF radio and do a radio check. It works fine. It was kinda cool listening to the automated weather/marine report.

There's a big surprise coming on splash day... I would love to call it an "October Surprise" but I'm doubting she is going to make it in the water by the end of October. Most likely, it will be a "November Surprise".

Fair seas and God bless!

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